• One of the main role of the forestry department is to harmonize with forestry companies and government to adapt to the application of the forest management plan and operations to facilitate the conciliation and accommodation of LPFN’s interests with regard to its traditional way of life, rituals, cultural activities, heritage activities, social purposes, and gathering of food and medicines.
  • Under the direction of chief and council, the forestry department will ensure Long Point First Nation’s interests and concerns are respected.
  • When planned cuts are sent from government, it is the forestry department’s role to make sure that members are aware and consulted on these upcoming activities.
  • To harmonize with members of Long Point First Nation who practice their traditional way of life so that it is not disrupted.
  • To make sure forestry activities are done according to harmonized measures.
  • To make follow ups with chief and council on forestry activities when requested.
  • To make progress reports to government and industry when an agreement is signed.

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