Economic Development

Amélie Brassard Int. Economic Development Officer I have a diploma in the short program of project management from UQAT (2014) and also a bachelor in biology from Laurentian University (2006). I have worked in marketing and advertising during 3 years. I take part of the Anishnabeg cultural circle, Algonquins EDO’s meeting and Déjeuner des Agents (MRCT) to get updated in culture and economic development both from the MRCT and from the algonquin nation. I’m also a member of CANDO. Eco Dev Department The economic development department, also called eco dev or ecdev, is a relatively large program. I am working by project: that means I can do and help in a project in another department. Some time I’m working simultaneously in a project about education, one in public works and even with the economic development. The projects are mostly in relation with the 5 years capital plans, but also many comes from ideas of community members and the council. They are related to business, to community development, to culture, etc. The work of an EDO is basically divided in two categories. First is to help create and start new business of our member or help develop business already on. The help is different for each, depending on their needs. Most of the time, people come with an idea and we need to work on how this idea can be materialized. The business plan is the first steps, financing is the second, and realisation is the third. I can also refer them to professional in their area of work. Second, I’m creating projects for the benefits of the community. Starting with an idea, I need to find all the plans, cost and funding. When everything is financed, it is the time to realize it, manage it and finish it. Projects in realisation Seven Grandfathers teaching Cultural place for elders New Radio Station Winneway Oasis Kaje Kackigwasonaniwag Project in development Community Hall renovations CFWR updated equipments Cell phone tour Kuzzin renovations Solar panels Hicking trails and boardwalk Community playground Archeological research Partnership

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Long Point First Nation P.O. Box 1, Winneway River, QC J0Z 2J0 T : (819) 722-2441 # 233 F : (819) 722-2579  
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