Social Assistance

This program interprets and applies the laws and regulations governing Social Assistance to community members who have no other source of income.

Duties of Social Assistance Manager:

•Receive and review applications for social assistance, determine entitlement.

•Ensure that all recipients are consistent with allocations with each other.

•Obtain and photocopy documentations needed for clients file.

•Prepare with the employers all S.A.T. projects and take all other necessary actions with the employer and maintain files.

•Prepare repayment forms between the Hydro, Receiver General, Housing Department for rent, and / or other repayment plans for clients.

•Make sure to consult DIAND/FNQLSSC for clarifications and procedures.

•Performs all other related duties assigned by Management.

Should you require additional information, please stop by Long Point First Nation Band Office or contact

Kathy St-Denis Social Assistance Manager 114 Kakinwawigak 819 722-2441 ext:225 Fax: 819 722-2579

To contact our department

SOCIAL ASSISTANCE 114 Kakinwawigak T: 819 722-2441 F: 819 722-2579
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